When a cardiac arrhythmia presents rapid and disorganized depolarization of the ventricular myocardium, chaos disrupts the electrical impulses, conduction and contraction. Blood pressure falls and the patient loses consciousness. Within about 4 minutes death comes, unless defibrillation and ventilation measures begin immediately.

Something similar happens when nations are on the verge of a crisis. The difference: instead of a shock to the chest, economic measures and energetic policies are applied. The similarity: in either of the two cases there is no time to lose.

There are other examples where urgency suggests performing a tracheotomy or injecting adrenalin directly into the cardiac muscle. I’m sure that if I spent a week in the Emergency Department of any hospital I could find better models for comparison, but it’s not necessary to be a doctor to understand that when drastic actions are called for, it is not possible to practice homeopathy.

Those of us who suffer the symptoms can guess at the diagnosis and we are very worried because we see that the one who is responsible for attending to our ills doesn’t talk about the problem, but limits himself to asking for time to ponder. We are not allowed to look at the monitor where the indicators announce imminent disaster. We know that something serious is about to happen to us and we on the verge of shouting: HELP!