How can memory be invoked for history’s sake, just to forget it?
Former President Fidel Castro has published an apologetic reflection on the 60th anniversary of the proclamation of the Popular Republic of China, ignoring the black pages. Mao Tse Tung is no longer that “old fool” whom the reflectionist himself vilified at the Plaza of the Revolution, Maoism is no longer a counter-revolutionary current, as they used to teach at the Ñico López Communist Party School in the 80’s. Who was the one who gave the order to show that Soviet film entitled The long night on China, which was responsible for informing candidates to the Party of the horrors of the Cultural Revolution, the War of the Sparrows and the huge failure of the Great Step Forward?

History cannot be ignored, so it is unacceptable for anyone in their right mind to state “Our ties with China stem, however, from Marxist ideas that inspired the Cuban Revolution and were able to traverse the difficult tests of the division between the two great socialist States, which caused so much damage to the global revolutionary movement.”

So the Moncada assault was inspired by Marxism! It now appears that our ties with China passed the division test! It was my understanding that this revolution was born from the desire to overthrow a dictatorship that violated the civil and political rights of Cubans. I could have sworn that, on said division, the Party, headed back then by the current reflectionist, clearly sided with the Soviet side, spitting and trampling with hatred on what today is referred to as “the Chinese model”.

History cannot be ignored, that is why it is so hard to understand that a process accused of betraying revolutionary ideals may be worthy of being on the list of the ones who “kept the banner of socialism aloft”.

History cannot be ignored. What kind of merit does an army have, other than that of imitating Hitler, in marching at 115 goose steps per minute? How funny is it for a civilian population to conduct itself like a beehive, emulating, along its armed compatriots, the ability to achieve a high level of mass organization?
I’d rather stay with the verses of Heberto Padilla:
History is the rat that climbs the stairs every night,
History is the scoundrel
that also leaps into bed with the Great Whore.