One of the most recurring questions asked of us who are critics of the ruling system in Cuba, is there is nothing we like, some detail that deserves praise or recognition. After a painstaking analysis, including a mini survey among friends, I found some topics that managed to get an honest applause. Among them the work of meteorologists, neonatalogy, and the new Chinese traffic signals and matches. The last was the most mentioned.

It so happens that for years we have been complaining that the matches don’t light, they lose their heads, which explode or stick to our fingers once lit. The comedians have made hay with this and in the reports of the Delegates of People’s Power Assemblies of Accountability thousands of references can be found to this problem in all the municipalities in the country.

Quietly, without having mounted any political campaign and without any journalist from the official media having realized it, the matches have managed to overcome all obstacles and now they light just by rubbing them against sandpaper.