In what might be defined as “getting off while the bus is running” the reknowned TV film and theater star, Armando Tomey, has circulated (via e-mail) an open letter which starts off with the usual complaints of a labor assembly in a work place and ends up with what a lot of us wish was a speech in parlamient.

As strong as his criticisms seem to be, we need to acknowledge that this man from my province (we are from Camagüey) is a moderate man and that’s the best quality of his open letter. It does not aim to start a fire, nor to place himself on the side of “the enemy”. He tells his truth, which stems from his experiences and emotions, which in many artists correspond to the truth all of us Cubans suffer every day.

I could cite many paragraphs here, but I’d rather everyone read the whole thing, though I can’t resist transcribing here the part I liked the best, where he states:

“At the outset, it must be acknowledged, “Where did we go wrong all of these years? And above all, let everyone participate!

I concur with what this artist proposes at the beginning.

Here is a link to the document as I got it from a friend.