If you have already read Yoani’s post it is not necessary to repeat the details of what happened during Pedro Luís Ferrer’s last concert in the patio of the Museum of Decorative Arts. I am just writing these lines to warn those of you who aren’t aware of the intolerance gaining ground every day in the political life of my country.

With so many terrible things to make public, it doesn’t make much sense to use this space to “denounce” the minimal violation we were victims of when they wouldn’t let us enter. We know they want to isolate the Generation Y blogger, with so many Cubans identifying with and supporting her it feels like her radioactivity has reached very high levels. They can’t stand her, it worries them that a discordant voice can be heard and they are willing to use everything at their disposal to destroy her.

What is serious is not what they did but the audacity with which they acted, in the full light of day in front of witnesses. Yet they still don’t have the courage to identify themselves with their real names, even though the whole world knows which institution they answer to. At one point, when I looked into the eyes of the head of the operation, I knew that people like this are capable of anything. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I have the suspicion that these are men who one day could fire on their own people.