A call to a “common action,” supposedly launched by assorted Cuban websites and blogs, requested that we open our pages this Monday with a text which calls on the Cuban government and the world to free political prisoners, lift migratory restrictions, and abolish the prohibitions on Internet access.

I don’t join this initiative because none of the Cuban bloggers I know within the Island (and I know almost all of them) were aware of the call, so I suspect that someone, without denying their good intentions, has hijacked the right to declare a common opinion without even checking whether or not there was a consensus for it.

I don’t join this initiative because making an appeal of this magnitude should take into account that the list of demands to be made is long, and choosing three, in some way, is to diminish the importance of the missing ones. The same thing happens with the way they are ordered in the list.

I do not join this initiative because it sets a precedent that breaks one of my personal rules that can be reduced to a principle, if I want to be egotistical: I don’t like anyone dictating to me what I have to write.

Nevertheless, I will not be the water in the wine nor the fly in the ointment, and I tell my few and respectable readers that some bloggers here want people to know this, on Monday:


We call upon all persons and institutions defending civil rights in the world to contribute and we call on the Cuban government to:

  • Free the political prisoners in Cuba.
  • Lift the prohibitions that keep Cubans from entering and leaving their country.
  • Lift the prohibitions on Internet access for Cubans.
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