Yoani has already recounted, in her blog Generation Y, the details of the diatribe we both had to listen to in the police station, from the mouths of the two Interior Ministry [MININT] officials. Because I digest more slowly, I have delayed commenting on the matter, but I will pose a few questions about the words that most drew my attention: “You are disqualified from any dialogue with the Cuban authorities.” I apologize if I am not quoting exactly but, as you know, they did not care to put it in writing.

Here are my questions:

Are we on the eve of a dialogue with the authorities?

Is there an agenda for this dialogue?

Are the points of this agenda established only by the party that has the power?

Is the Interior Ministry authorized to determine who is or is not qualified to have a dialogue with the Cuban authorities?

Do the MININT officials assume that they are the authority with whom one must dialogue?

Wherever there are people who are disqualified, it is because there is a “qualifier.” What are the requirements that it is necessary to meet to dialogue with the authorities? Are these rules or regulations secret?

Who will be qualified for a dialogue that doesn’t end up being a monologue or a choir, where everyone is perfectly coordinated to say the same thing?