I do not like historical anniversaries but I’m fascinated by coincidence, and so it was at midnight on Friday, when it was almost November 15th, a book fell off the shelf opened on page 14, where I read the same date of the day that was about to begin, but in the year 1968, “Year of the Heroic Guerrilla.”

This date closed with the declaration of The Writers and Artists Union of Cuba (UNEAC) that condemned as contrary to the ideology of the Revolution two books which had won the prize that year in UNEAC’s literary competition: the play, The Seven Against Thebes, by Antón Arrufat and a book of poetry, Out of the Game, by Heberto Padilla.

At that time I was studying journalism at the University of Havana and the memories of those discussions are still fresh in my mind. The story is well known and this is not the place to recreate it, I just wanted to share with readers the impression I got when I saw the ramshackle volume of Out of the Game falling, almost on my feet, to remind me that I must tell the truth, at least my truth even if they tear up the beloved page or stone me at the door.