When they run out of excuses, the final answer used to justify any repressive measures is, “We can’t disarm in front of the enemy.” Like the shrimp washed away by the current while it sleeps, revolutions that lay down their arms are disarmed, that is to say, they collapse.  This is a direct consequence of the way revolutionaries take power.  That which is conquered by violence must be maintained by violence.

Why can no one be permitted to freely express their opinions?  Why can’t Cubans join together freely in political parties, unions, or the independent organizations of civil society?  Why is it so complicated to allow people to move freely within the country or to leave it?

These questions have only one answer:  Because it would disarm them.

But the reality is much more complex.  We have all seen the gangster movies that repeat the same scene over and over:  The bad guy points the gun at the head of the good guy’s sweetheart and demands that he drop his gun.  The good guy puts his gun down and the bad guy takes advantage and shoots him.  Moral: In the face of evil, you can’t disarm.

The question is: Who is the bad guy and who is the good guy in this movie?  Who is aiming at the girlfriend’s head?