The resources, talent and time we have in life are always limited. For this reason, we must be cautious when the time comes to choose how to use them.

Many of the problems that we have could be corrected if we fixed a larger one of a general nature, shared by many Cubans, which we will call: Trying to “resolve” the problem.  Another way to confront the matter is attacking only the consequences that affect us individually, leaving untouched the causes from which the problem originates. That will deal with my problem.

The most dysfunctional aspect of our society is that there are not many chances for individuals to find a path, without dangers, where they can channel their resources, their time and their talents – probably together with others – to try to solve the problem.  Thus, everyone does his own thing, taking a chance on some low-risk illegality he can get away with, either bribing an official, “diverting” a state resource, falsifying a document, doing something “under the table,” buying in the black market that robs us of the insufficient common property, adulterating a product, evading a tax, and many other things, but always in the shadows, without protest, and never doing anything to solve the problem and better still, applauding (and collaborating with) those guilty of everything that is also my problem.