I have a colleague at my workplace named Julio who says that if he were the boss of Cuba he would impose a mixture of socialism and capitalism.  Says Julio (who is a good person and an excellent worker), if it were left up to him the state would retain the larger things – the generation of electricity, public transport, both local and interprovincial, mining and sugar production – and he would leave in private hands everything to do with services and small businesses.  He assures me that it would be of no importance to him if some people were rich, nor would it bother him if everyone followed their own way of life, including prostitution.

I asked Julio if, in his utopia, it would be possible for people to say what they think and he said yes.  I also asked if he would allow the existence of other political parties and after a moment of doubt he said yes, but his party would have primacy over the others, and no one could change the system.

— Then would you be claiming a monopoly on the truth?

— Well – he said – what would happen would be what is right the people.

— And if the people don’t realize that this is what’s right for them, would you impose it anyway?

— Of course, because this is what’s right for the people, even if they don’t realize it.

— And what if it is you who are wrong, Julio?

— Well, if that’s the case, fuck the people.