A truth of Perogrullo – that is to say a statement of the obvious – is that before making changes other things must be modified, in this case the mentality of those whose hands are on the tiller of our society.  It being very difficult to transform this mentality, the helmsman would have to be replaced.  We know that we have had the same helmsman since 1959, although there have been some changes in the boatswains, the officers on board and especially the sailors and cabin boys.  I speak metaphorically of this great ship that is our society, not of the rafts that ply the Straits of Florida with the impatient who did not want to wait.

In my most humble opinion – and I don’t want to point the finger at anyone with this comment – the main actors of any change already roam the captain’s cabin, spy through the keyholes and listen at the cracks.  No one voted for them in a fair and multiparty election, but they are my candidates to execute the first steps bloodlessly and peacefully or, to quote myself: Slowly but deeply.

The known opposition will have to wait for those who are in the belly of the Trojan Horse today to open the doors of the fort, but perhaps they will meet with surprise the others who lead the way.  Who is the Boris Yeltsin in the Cuba of today?  In which province is the holder of the post of first secretary of the Party?  No one knows, only I hope he drinks less and has better luck.