In one of his Epigrams published in 1983 the poet Raúl Rivero said:

He was right Norberto Fuentes:
you were willing to fight for this love
until the last drop of my blood.

Many times I have returned to these verses that appeared in the volume Public Poetry and I always end up suspecting he is making fun of the political language of the last half century.

We were not celebrating a “closed anniversary” for the birth of this poet, who was 62 this year, nor for the appearance of the book, 24 years ago this May.  What happened was I was showing another poem to my son, who is lost in love (over the impossible) and the epigram was on the back.

What is known:  I am not willing to die for any of the ideas I defend, another thing is that someone is willing to physically mistreat me because I say this.   All those adversaries who are declaring right now that they are prepared to die rather than renounce their principles may know, if it depends on me, they will have to wait for a heart attack.  Gracias, Raúl (Rivero!).